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Use electrical accessories introduce escalator brakes

2014-2-4 12:09:30

 Use electrical accessories introduce escalator brakes

Safety requirements for electrical brake parts , brake machine - electric , elevator parts , escalator parts, escalator parts factory parts, electronic parts , so the brake test is very important.
( A ) the operating voltage , the hoisting machine according to the operating mechanism , the operating cycle , and the cycle operation, when the brake temperature is measured to reach steady- state of the brake coil . Resistance measurement and calculation methods of measurement GB 755-2008 " fixed and rotary motor performance " a 8.6.2 . Class B must lift parts, escalator parts, escalator parts, when the edge of the brake coil temperature rise should not exceed 80K; When using the F class insulation , brake coil temperature rise should not exceed 105K. Exposure of the surface temperature exceeds 6 (TC brakes should be increased in order to prevent burns warning sign.
( 2 ) brake coil voltage test shall meet the elevator components , conductive parts escalator parts , escalator parts , the implementation of cross- 1000V voltage , which lasted the lmin, should not breakdown.
( 3 ) should be measured brake solenoid pull-in voltage rises the minimum and maximum brake release at the end of the test voltage . GB / T 24478-2009 " elevator hoisting machine " states: elevator parts , escalator parts, escalator parts, brake solenoid pull-in voltage minimum and maximum release voltage should be less than 80% , respectively, with 55% of the rated voltage.
( 4 ) Currently newer brakes are equipped with brake monitoring switches, when the brake is not functioning properly , the switch will take action to protect the elevator stopped ladder, braking to provide a guarantee that it 's safe and reliable operation . But there is no relevant standard , hope embodied in the standard maintenance and inspection .
( 5 ) Another important point is that the elevator brake coil brake control member , electrical parts escalator parts , escalator parts , circuit.
? ? According to the relevant provisions of the standard , are summarized as follows : ① normal operation, the brake released state should be kept in continuous output power. ② off the brake current, at least two independent electrical device application to be achieved, regardless of whether the elevator drive device and the host is used to cut off the current electrical equipment. ③ refers to two so-called independent control contactor no relationship , elevator parts, escalator parts, escalator parts, two contactors must use two separate signals , respectively, can not be controlled by a control signal . ④ When the elevator stopped, if one of the main contacts of the contactor does not open , the next change in the direction of the latter should prevent the elevator run again. ⑤ When the elevator motor generator can play a role , should prevent the motor is fed to the electrical equipment to operate the brakes . ⑥ After disconnecting the brake release circuit , elevator should be no additional delay is effective braking. Brake response time should be less than 0.5 seconds , pulling to prevent elevators , elevator parts factory , escalator parts, escalator parts Genuine Parts , Car skidding . For doubles as a car overspeed protection device upstream of brake components brake job , the response time should be consistent comply GB 7588 - 2003 Section 9.10.1 braking requirements . ⑦ If the loop has a contact adhesive , other contacts can still be reliably disconnect the brake circuit to prevent slip ladder . ⑧ can not open the monitor contactor failure to prevent another elevator parts , escalator parts, escalator parts, the contact does not open , causing the slip ladders.

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