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Welcome to our product page of Step .Our Step  is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Step .We can manufacture Step  following your specific requirement. We are looking forward  your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship! We would provide professional Step  with good services for you! 

Step is the escalator truss cycle operation for passengers standing parts. (Recommended national standard GB / T 7024-1997)
Popular speaking, Step is available for standing passengers special structure in the form of four cars.
Each rung of the main wheel axle with step chain looper together, so that the branch can be done to maintain the level in the previous steps, the next branch to flip.
As rung quantity, but also moving parts, escalator or bad performance and quality depends largely on the quality and performance of the rung.
Step with the overall style and assembled two. Integral overall from aluminum die-casting, and its high precision, light weight, high processing speed, is gradually replacing the assembled ladder. Assembled rung pedal, kick boards, and other parts of the bracket assembly combination, heavy (pedal steel lining), accuracy, is the product of small casting ability, will gradually be replaced by monolithic Step.
Step geometry include: Stave width, depth that is rung tread depth, the main wheel with auxiliary wheel base distance, which is the main gauge wheel spacing and rung spacing. Standard Requirements: rung width (nominal width of the escalator) of not less than 0.58m and not more than 1.1m; rung depth should not be less than 0.38m; running up and down two steps tread distance (rung height) should not more than 0.24 m.
Step bending test should be carried out, namely tread 0.2m × 0.3m in an area (under the steel plate) vertical force of 3000N is applied, the resulting deflection should be less than 4mm, and no permanent deformation. And work to connect to withstand 6,000 N / m² load, does not affect normal operation.

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