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2014-2-10 9:08:57
Elevator ladder phenomenon has suddenly stopped running, probably because of the instant lock loop off (artificial points Pa) cause,it may be due to the governor tensioning device at the moment due to touch the rope off switch , of course, may elevator escalator parts plant is in operation door accessories door roller blade grazing period. If you turn professional elevator parts repair books , you will see at least a Japanese variety of reasons can lead to a sudden stop ladder phenomenon . So, how to confirm door knife grazing door rollers malfunction? For the use of PLC control elevator , can be between program OUT (M21) and OUT (M111), insert the program shown in Figure 2 , which is run relay M21 , X14 is the door lock relay contacts. After a fault occurs, check the value of C224 PLC counter K , and K values ??of the last inspection and comparison , if we find an increase of 1, so it can certainly exist elevator door knife wiping door rollers .
Elevator escalator parts factory installed governor Notes : that the governor should be consistent with the direction of movement direction with the car dropped to ensure work safety gear .
2.Governor rope during normal operation, and clip cord clamp must not rub or touch.
3.Governor rope shall not have any dead corner, and the car should be loaded rod connection noose , rope fastened with a rope clip and reliable .

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