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Elevator malfunction know?

2014-2-8 13:45:39
About elevator failure to do:
Elevator malfunction, elevator parts will not be a problem , you must understand it
First, after the delivery of a certain brand of FM Keti less than six months , often computer protection "crash" , then follow the prompts fault codes, check the relevant places and found no problems . Somehow , suggesting the content of these fault codes are not interrelated , has very little past experience some trouble codes . Because in the field lifts the brand , can not replace the electronic board testing .
Before and after the fault is connected to the electronic board in the middle of the two screws , to remove it, is good.
Before (48P) delivered two connectors analyze several aspects of the two plates from approximately 25mm insulation material nylon screw connections and fixed , and in the middle of the signal on the circuit board . In connection screws next to a patch of copper, may be connected to ground anti- dry control effect. The problem is that when the production assembly in the control cabinet negligence , the screw having a length of 30 mm , so that the connector can not be inserted in the end , each connected to a signal line can barely installed smoothly. This ladder live in a coastal city , a long period of time, due to moisture , oxidation and other reasons, poor contact on the connector connection point . This time is the computer board two plates , one interface board , causing all sorts of trouble is when the line is not granted .
Second, a certain brand of FM Keti ( 1350 kg , 1.75 m / s ) , less than one year and put into use , the speed of advance of this situation arise . Conversion speed ladder principle is this: in the elevator stop layer is counted according to the deceleration curve issued computer encoder disk, to determine whether the abnormal layer deceleration 200 mm lift position ( hole flat knife to determine ) go flat curve , flat layer accurate. Deceleration curve and leveling curve convergence is not good, it will affect the comfort and parked in front of the ladder . Sometimes a ladder early speed , deceleration near zero speed to a very slow speed crawl to the door area , and had a slight increase in speed , then stop the ladder . A passenger elevator insensitive, does not seem to stand a long time to open the door, open the door, even in the UK about . This car decorative marble staircase , a few months ago and after re-commissioning , it added weight , so the user is not satisfied .
The reason is that too much rope out of oil, kerosene oil with a clean , basic issues are resolved , the rope is not very good quality, as new and more unreliable .
Car decorated with marble and increase the weight of increased analysis rope, wire rope force , so the quality is not a lot of oil , traction pulleys and ropes causing friction between the sliding coefficient decreases . The slide has two cases, one is forward, when the elevator down to start loading speed than the rope pulley front row , which is very safe, you can open the door when the elevator stopped ladder continued to decline , due to inertia . Another ladder is happening at light loads , and put on the line, before the traction sheave and the rope line did not move, the slide is not continuous, not timed sliding short, when the landing roll farther will accumulate a certain due to the traction wheels turning distance long distance encoder counts more than the car actually run for the indication of forward speed .
In another case with the rope involved. When the elevator is running for a long diameter of the rope is stretched thin , so embedded in the deeper groove sheave . Then the distance around the rotation traction elevator is not running when you install only the shorter the higher the floor, it will also run the landing distance , under these circumstances, when accumulated a certain distance. Just a little more than this , but still can affect comfort, then lift the need to re- commissioning, and then once layers of distance learning .

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