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Welcome to our product page of Light Curtain.Our Light Curtain is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Light Curtain.We can manufacture Light Curtain following your specific requirement. We are looking forward  your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship! We would provide professional Light Curtain with good services for you! 

Elevator light curtain is a light type elevator door safety device for elevators, freight elevators, to protect the safety of passengers. Installed in the elevator car doors on both sides of the infrared transmitter and receiver installed in the car top box and special power flex cable four major components. The transmitter has 32 (16) infrared emission control, under the control of the MCU, transmitting and receiving tubes and so open the car door zone continuous scan from top to bottom, forming a dense infrared protective screens. When any beam of light is blocked, the control system output immediately open signal, closed the car door stops and reverses opened until passengers or barrier after leaving warning area before the elevator doors close properly, so as to achieve security purposes, so that clip person can avoid the elevator accident.


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