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Governance program of measures mechanical lift accessories

2014-2-11 9:01:19

The reason the elevator noise generated runtime is multifaceted, through comprehensive testing, analysis of noise generated elevator parts , escalator parts, elevator parts factory to take corresponding measures to control noise is a strong guarantee .
Elevator machinery parts factory parts management measures
1 compensation device installed in the car at the end of the car , use it to change the center of gravity of the car , the car balance, reduce shoe pressure.
2 diagonal trailing cable installation . Adjust the rope rope rod nut , so that each wire rope tension from the mean does not exceed 5 %. For travel in 30m above the elevator , the elevator when measuring parts, escalator parts, escalator parts of the car into the middle layer , and 1.5m at the top of the car with a tension spring tension measured value of each rope . When the trip is not greater than the elevator cage measuring 30m rope tension , the car should be placed in the lowest level , the measurement of heavy rope tension side should be placed on top of the car , then elevator parts , escalator parts, escalator parts in the right side on the heavy rope was measured and adjusted .
3 at a constant speed operation the vibration generated in the hoisting machine the traction sheave can be a method to increase the flywheel solution traction sheave flywheel energy absorption caused by the vibration of the car , the vibration can be eliminated when the rated speed of the elevator is However, when the deceleration is invalid.
4 Check the status of a second oil should be changed every 3-6 months. When they find black gear oil , mineral deposits and to take when there is foam must be replaced immediately. When the gear wear too serious , has caused vibration and noise when changing gears .
5 gears elevator parts , escalator parts, escalator parts life depends on their degree of wear , pit gear will accelerate the wear rate .
6 with asphalt or damping material glued to the walls of the car to absorb vibration energy , thereby reducing the amplitude and noise , can be filled with sound-absorbing material between the wall and the car wall between the car and decorating .
7 should be adopted in the elevator traction ratio of 1:1 .
8 square iron cage rail spacing adjustment bracket width using standard values ??, but the total thickness of the shim adjustment shall not exceed 5mm. When adjusting the elevator parts , escalator parts, escalator parts washer over two films , should be welded into one , and then pad into .

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