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Welcome to our product page of Weighting Device.Our Weighting Device is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Weighting Device.We can manufacture Weighting Device following your specific requirement. We are looking forward  your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship! We would provide professional Weighting Device with good services for you! 

Elevator weighing device, also known as elevator weight device: Elevator weighing device self-learning, examination and confirmation weighing device, load overload learning, simulated load-bearing learning
First, when the system uses analog weighing
Load learning elevator located base station location, the car placed n% of the rated load.
The F8-00 is set to n%, press the ENTER key.
The system will automatically recognize the elevators at full load and overload the weight value. Self-learning is completed for the use of pre-torque compensation function, set F8-01 to 1.
Second, check and confirm
Check the load connected to the mechanical parts of the switch is in place, make sure load, overload switch signal is entered correctly into the car top board (CTB) or the control board corresponding input terminals. Under full load, overload switch correctly set the connection type F5-36 (1: jiaoding panel input, 0: control board input).
Three, full load, overload Learning:
1, will be built into the car's weight 100% of rated load, adjust the position of the switch fully loaded, making full switching operation overload switch does not operate, the system recognize this state is full.
2, built into the car's weight 110% of rated load, adjust the overload switch position, making the overload switch action, such a state of system memory overload. After completion of the above express elevator ready to start running.

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