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Elevator maintenance procedures you can customize your own

2014-2-7 16:28:03

 Elevator maintenance procedures you can customize your own

 Elevator parts of the inverter when the fault repair process
1, consult the user elevator parts inverter failure.
2, based on the user's description of the problem, analyze the reasons for such failure.
3, open repair of equipment was confirmed to be damaged elevator parts, analyze the feasibility of service recovery.
4, according to the location of the device is damaged, reading and analyzing the circuit works, find out the cause of damage to the device.
5, and customer contact at the repair price, consult the user maintenance.
6, find related devices elevator parts.
7, in the case if it is determined frequency and causes of failure were excluded, power experiment.
8, in the case of the drive to work properly, enter the system.

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