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Welcome to our product page of Resistor.Our Resistor is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Resistor.We can manufacture Resistor following your specific requirement. We are looking forward  your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship! We would provide professional Resistor with good services for you! 

Braking resistor for regenerative energy of the motor is dissipated as heat carrier,
It includes resistor and power
Rate capacity two important parameters. Usually used in engineering is more resistance and corrugated aluminum resistance two
The former uses vertical corrugated surface allows for heat dissipation to reduce parasitic inductance,
And selection of high flame-retardant inorganic coatings
Effective protection of the resistance wire is not aging and prolong life; latter resistor weather resistance, shock resistance, excellent
The traditional porcelain skeleton resistors,
Widely used in harsh industrial environments with high demands,
Easy close-fitting,
Easy to attach
Plus radiator,
Looks normal circumstances most elevators are not located on the heavy security clamp,
Only in the cab will
Social safety gear, and only in the case of vacant pit will be located on the heavy safety gear!

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